• the chance to be someone your not, the chance to meet new people, Games ^_^ and arent u addicted to answerbag?
  • Possibility to meet a lot of people without having a big crowd around.
  • the whole idea of sharing infomation with people accross the other side of the world excites many of us :) and it's not like mail where it takes a week to get anywhere, but it's almost instant! :D
  • users.
  • internet is fast, and its open source (unless youre in wifi) and it's compact
  • This paper was prepared by the authors at the request of the Internet Policy Institute (IPI), a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., for inclusion in their upcoming series of Internet related papers. It is a condensation of a longer paper in preparation by the authors on the same subject. Many topics of potential interest were not included in this condensed version because of size and subject matter constraints. Nevertheless, the reader should get a basic idea of the Internet, how it came to be, and perhaps even how to begin thinking about it from an architectural perspective. This will be especially important to policy makers who need to distinguish the Internet as a global information system apart from its underlying communications infrastructure.
  • Quick, private and most of all, CONVENIENT.
  • The computer and the internet have given people the ability to do things they couldn't do before. Today you can publish an online newspaper, or produce a video or perform a song and make it available to millions, without signing away your soul to a corporate owner. You can edit an encyclopedia, (hopefully) improving its content. Power to the people is what the internet is about.

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