• I am a happily married man that wears pantyhose. I have a chronic deep vein thrombosis in my leg and have to wear support pantyhose or my legs begin to cramp. I really don't mind wearing them. I have to say they are not uncomfortable at all. I usually forget I have them on. I do find many people do tend to stare at me when they notice I have them on.
  • Yes absolutely I would pick this trend. It's about time men started asserting themselves to not only find some medical and physical releif but to express themselves in a way that is absolutley normal. If you think about it pantyhose are pants with feet but you don't need underwear, which is brillant!
  • Im not gonna lie, not that I often do, but I would NOT date a guy that wears pantyhose.
  • Never, no, nope, uh-uh, won't be going there, not in this lifetime, just ain't gonna happen.
  • I'm a pantyhose wear, been wearing them off and on for over 20 years. At first I wore them because I liked it. Over the past 2 years I have been wearing them daily to work and have discovered the reduction of fatigue as well as restless leg syndrome. I also have vericose and spider veins. I have benefitted greatly for my health. As far as a fashion trend, I'm apart of it! I wear pantyhose with shorts on my days off of work. Can you tell that I have pantyhose on? Yes! I'm proud of it. I see nothing wrong with a guy having the confidence within himself to go out in public. I'm not a crossdresser, just a guy that happens to have on pantyhose and is benefitting for the health of it all.
  • I would litterly DIE laughing if I ever say my man in pantyhose...but then again, he would DIE before he thought about putting them on... LMAO!!! MEN IN PANTIHOSE!!
  • Not a chance. There are high mens socks that will cover and support calves. Do you remember Joe Nameth of the Jets? He wore panty hose in a commercial.
  • uh, pantyhose? what are all those compression socks that are on the market for? decorations? of course I'd never wear pantyhose as long as regular, for men, compression socks are on the market!! gads.........people'll buy anything they put out there!!!!!!!!!! OR can someone explain the difference between the support that pantyhose give as opposed to compression socks????????????? sure would like to know!!!!!!!!!!

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