• If you find yourself sexually active, and feel unsure about your health and have not gotten a physical in quite some time. Yes a HIV test would be a good idea. The more you know right ;)
  • No. It is apparently a privacy issue. When states in America tried to make HIV tests mandatory for couples to get a marriage license, they were sued and privacy won out. We still have to have blood tests for syphilis and other contagious diseases, but not HIV.
  • Yes, especially the girls I sleep with and should bring their clean bill of health to the party!
  • nah, it'd be a waste of money for me. i already know i don't have it
  • Not if you're a virgin.
  • No, everyone isnt at risk.
  • I don't quite understand what you mean by this. Mandatory testing or what??
  • I had a few, Whatever was wrong with me, and something terribly was, acted in taking all your white cells and increasing reds. I guess that happens with HIV too. I said sure, why not. I waited a week, had to bring my s/o with me each time, just to find out all was well. No one knew what was wrong...No, everyone shouldn't have one, only if there is a problem.
  • No, not everyone socializes with other people. I haven't physically touched another person for 29 years now, other than shaking hands.
  • no, why should they???
  • No, I've been in a monogamous relationship for so long that it would be a waste of money and time. (I know there are several nonsexual ways of getting HIV but the most common ways that people become infected with HIV are having sexual intercourse with an infected partner or by injecting drugs using a needle or syringe that has been used by someone who is infected.) I've encouraged my daughters and son to be tested. I think testing makes a person more aware of the possibility of contracting HIV and hopefully testing evokes insights and starts a process of reflection. By speaking freely about being tested, I hope I am reinforcing to them that they should not take any sexual risks.
  • I think we should protect ourselves at all times, and get a HIV blood test every year. It is a epidemic:(:( Thanks for this question Keithold. Africa and the US has a huge AIDs Ecadimic:(
  • I think it should be left up to the person & their partner. I myself had it taken once do to my hands, coming in contact with a few needles. I was at work cleaning off a gas station. And the manager had two trash dumpsters. One was to only have paper put in it for recycle use. When I was done with my main job, that manager asked if I would clean out the cans etc: that someone had put into the wrong dumpster. So as I jumped in like that cartoon most have seen. I was just about done. When I grabbed a sack full of used needles. The next day I went and had the blood test taken just to be on the safe side. All was OK but she an't getting me back in that dumpster again......LOL
  • Probably not a bad idea, especially if you're sexually active. Even if you think you're practicing safe sex and are monogamous, you never know if your partner is being completely honest with you. Obviously, if you use IV drugs, you should be tested periodically. I got stuck with a dirty needle a few years back, and was at first checked every 3 months. I've been negative so far (knock wood), so now I get tested much less frequently. I still get tested for TB every year, though. I think it's important that HIV testing not be mandatory. Although it's a good idea for the reasons I just listed, making it mandatory will only drive people underground.
  • Everyone. No! My 85 year old Mother for Christ sake!
  • Hells yeah thats very important it will stop the spread of the virus people need to stop being afraid and get tested and get tested at least 2 times a year or more for people who out there really bad.

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