• I have used Oxyclean on blood stains and it works great. Try the Oxyclean spray directly to the spot, then use the Oxyclean powder with your usual laundry detergent and wash on the gentle cycle, and if possible, use a mesh laundry bag as well.
  • This I heard from an ex EMT and firefighter...and they know blood. Good old Hydrogen Peroxide...however, it must be applied BEFORE it's washed. You just slowly pour on the Hydrogen Peroxide...let it work a while & keep adding more until it eats the stain away. I am telling you, it is amazing...I now keep one of those GIANT bottles of peroxide in my cupboard now just for blood issues...
  • throw your stinky stained panties away and buy new ones.
  • 1. Check the care tags of your satin sheets. ... 2. If the stain is still fresh, blot out as much of the blood as possible with clean paper towels. 3. Add about 4 tablespoons of table salt to a gallon of cold water in a bucket. ... 4. Soak the stained satin sheets in the salt water solution.

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