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  • I smoked it once and never again because I acted like a right pratt afterwards. Also since giving up smoking it wouldn't be something I divulged in anyway.
  • I do it to protect my liver... and because I've never told a cop to piss off while smoking weed. On the other hand, the imbibing of alcohol produces a completely different effect.
  • Because if I didn't, I would be on a pile of pills to keep me calm. It is my one vice. I love weed.
  • I used to. It was very pleasant. I don't now due to money reasons (it is an expensive habit!) and general health reasons as I am knocking on a bit now. And a little bit of "been there, seen it, done it" i.e. I am a bit bored of it now. Not against it in any way though.
  • I'm too intelligent to smoke weed.
  • Two reasons: 1) I wouldn't want to become dumber. 2) Food is a scarcity, here!
  • I wouldn't smoke weed, it's only for dumb bitches and dickheads.
  • I've seen what excessive smoking can do to a person and have no desire to share in it.
  • i first smoked weed when i was 7 it was cause my brothers friend thought it woud be funny, i smoke weed 0as a 16 year old, for my religion(rastafari) and to keep me calm and focused, i didnt not join my religion because they smoke weed i didnt not find that out until after i became a rasta man i join because i beliv ein one love one people one destiny
  • I can't afford it since it's too expensive. It's fun to smoke, I'll grant you that. I haven't had any since February.
  • I used to when I was younger, but for some reason I guess my body won't handle it anymore. If I even smoke the tiniest bit, I'm struck with paranoia and anxiety attacks, usually followed by eventual vomiting. So I'll just leave it alone.
  • All of you are so judgemental, if I hadn't started smoking weed I would never have seen life in the several perspectives I do now. You say people who smoke weed aren't intelligent? Most of the famous people to ever live smoked chronic, if anything me as a smoker i think of life and what it really means and it makes me want to learn more and understand this world we live in, but props to the rasta guy above, we are all the same people there should be no pointless fighting, we are all equal and we should all be able to live life in our own way without being judged.
  • I have enough bad habits, don't need another one!
  • i used to smoke weed with friends. i stopped a couple years ago b/c i didn't want to have to take a drug test for a good job and lose the job b/c of that. but i had some fun times smokin though ;)
  • I quit, because of MONEY... PERIOD. If there wasn't such a thing I would smoke all day every day. NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD! People that are against it are ignorant of it OBVIOUSLY. They just see some "dummy" that smoked it, so now they think EVERYONE that smokes it is a "dummy". Well it isn't the weed that makes you stupid, it's the brain structure of the human being. The fact that it is illegal just chaps my hide. Also the fact that there are drug tests for jobs is a DUMB WASTE OF MONEY. Ok, well as you can tell - I'm "jonezin" for some green, because I'm feeling frustrated. Please open your eyes and realize it isn't the pot it is the person. As individuals we should have the right to do to ourselves what we wish....... PERIOD!
  • I smoke for the euphoria and creativity. I am a software engineer and when presented with tough problems I've found changing mental scenery/mindset allows me to think 'outside the box'. Not necessarily outside of the sober box of thought (e.g. these thoughts would likely come about later, unprovoked), but more like a different angle of attack induced at will (by smoking). I would communicate this as an amplification of natural synesthesia in the sense that some things are more intuitive in the right mindset. For example: Imagine two polygons on a piece of paper. One polygon has smooth, round curves like that of a cloud in Super Mario Brothers. The other has sharp edges like that of a star in Super Mario Brothers. Imagine now that each has a name - either Bleep or Bloop. Which one is Bloop? Chances are in the favor of naming the cloud Bloop because its sound is more subtle than that of Bleep, and these characteristics transverse to visual subtlety. This is natural synesthesia at work - not the same form that I'm trying to communicate, but within the same realm for your own comparison. I have had trouble, also, maintaining a consistent weight which the marijuana appears to normalize. Not to sound vulgar, but when smoking marijuana regularly (e.g. 2 days in a row) I've found my bowel movements become more regular. I am not certain whether this is due to increase consumption of food (munchies) or whether there is something else at work with respect to directly affecting my gastrointestinal tract. It helps me fall asleep, and maintain a more regular sleep schedule. This could also attribute to the increased GI tract regularity I experience. These are all things that I've noticed as an aside to the primary goal of intoxication. If these, perceptively beneficial, side-effects were not present I would still smoke marijuana. I smoked cigarettes for just over 7 years (without going more than 18 hours without a cigarette). I quit in November of 2007. This was very difficult for me. As a comparison, I 'quit' smoking marijuana regularly for 4-6 weeks at a time without issue. Addictive? No, not in my opinion. Risk of dependence? Yes, in the same sense that you are dependent upon your favorite television series. It's not uncommon for you to go out with friends or go on vacation where 'there is no tv' without issue - but when you have nothing else to do and it's showing, why not watch what you enjoy watching? To further this analogy you may become disappointed when your show is a rerun or a sports game runs overtime and they have to bump your show and you don't get to watch it when you had been looking forward to it all day. Is this disappointment a result of your addiction to the television show? I would imagine (purely conjecture) nearly everyone would agree that there is a large difference between enjoying something enough to warrant repeating it and being addicted to it.
  • I smoke weed because i like it. I

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