• Hey, what type of relativism are you talking about?
  • Well, there are different types of so-called "relativism". We have, for example, "cognitive relativism" and "ethical relativism", But these two examples of relativism are presented in a variety of ways; consequently, we have some philosophers whose positions oppose this view. And some even have argued that claims of "ethics" are neither false nor true. And this is so mainly because "Relativism" is based on the "belief" that there are multitude of perspective that are equally [justified] when we look at them from an objective perspective or point of view. It becomes another form of skepticism because, as you can see, it's just another form of "doctrine" or "belief", which fosters that a claim is "true" or "false" only in relation to a particular perspective. But who's perspective? Who's point of view? It is another form of "doctrine"--different to Christianity, Islam, etc, but a doctrine nonetheless; and like any doctrine, is subjected to skepticism. I hope this help.

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