• I can sum it up in two words. mob mentality.
  • My own 2 cents: 1. It teaches one to accept truth based on authority (be it a book or the priest, imam, or leader) rather than on observation. 2. It demands people believe things they wouldn't accept in any other walk of life, like survival of death, rising into the clouds on a pink horse, etc. 3. It demands that people forgo pleasures and passions (even perfectly healthy and natural ones - often especially those) here and now in favor or ones promised after death.
  • 1. The tendency to have a belief that "we're right, everyone else is wrong." 2. Too rigid rules.
  • 1.Benny Hinn 2.Jimmy Swaggart 3.Oral Roberts 4.Jim/Tammy Fay Baker etc ( carried away)
    • pugwashjw65
      None of which mentioned what the Bible really mentions...the future KINGDOM...(Colossians 4:11) and Jesus who is called Justus, who are of those circumcised. Only these are my fellow workers for the Kingdom of God, and they have become a source of great comfort to me. (Acts 8:12) But when they believed Philip, who was declaring the good news of the Kingdom of God and of the name of Jesus Christ, both men and women were getting baptized. (Luke 21:31) Likewise also you, when you see these things happening, know that the Kingdom of God is near. AND THEY HARDLY EVER CITE A SCRIPTURE...
  • War. More people have been killed in our history over religious beliefs than political beliefs. Wealth. Major religions have gathered extreme and obscene amounts of wealth to keep a power base for political ends.
    • Jewels Vern
      Here are actual numbers:
  • Judgement of other religions and people Rituals and traditions, that are made up. People that abuse religion, to manipulate situations and others.
  • Its controlling, judgemental, and causes war's
  • Depends on the religion. "religion" is a wide term and encompasses many different world views.
  • 1-Intellectual dishonesty 2-Intellectual stagnance 3-There are more than just 2 or 3 things wrong with it.
  • Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy. I say this concerning some of the followers, not the religions themselves.
  • More specifically, organized religion 1) Dogma, which I equate with propoganda 2) The use of its organization to control its people in some way or another, be it socially or politically 3) Scare-tactics ("if you don't do this, such and such bad thing will happen")
  • Hypocrisy "Do as I say not as I do" attitudes Religions came about when people didn't care to follow ALL the rules.
  • War. Exclusion. Sodomy.
  • I guess the number one thing is thinking that their way is the only way. It makes sense that they would think their was is the best way but not the only way. you mean to tell me that only THIS religion is going to heaven and the rest of the billions of people are burning in hell? mmm that never made any sense to me. Also I think religion makes you feel bad for who you are. Some religions say its wrong to be gay...i dont think its healthy to reject who you were born to be.
  • Intolerance of others. Trying to force their beliefs on all others. I have to add something. Most religions, I actually do like in their present day forms. What is atop my dislikes are al Qaeda Christians and Islamists. That radical group of otherwise very fine religions. I sometimes fear I might come across like I dislike all Christians. I think only about 5% of them.
  • They require money to opperate - they are opperated by people PS i like the pic of the ferret
  • I would say the worst thing about religion is its ability to turn people into sheep. They stop thinking for themselves, and it's considered a-okay because someone (who's not God by a long stretch and whose authority is not god-given) says Gods says so. Organized religion tends to prioritize blind faith and discourage thinking. The second major fault is, in my opinion, that it's so easy to use religion to justify awful things and incite people to cruelty. It's not like God's going to come down out of the clouds and say "What?! I never said to burn people! Who told you that?"
  • Religions hatred and intolerance. I could list all their instances of this but to be honest I think you already know what would be in the list. Religion constantly pleads for respect from all others but has zero respect for anyone who holds views different to its own. Religion pleads for the right to hold its own views but wishes to suppress the rights of others that hold opposing views. Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy.
  • 1) The misrepresentation of those who believe in the One True God who offered His Son to pay the penalty for our sins. 2) The traditions of men that seek to offer God lip service, but their hearts are far removed. 3) False religions of the world, that seek to replace the One and True God.
  • 1) The misrepresentation of those who believe, and act in such a way that goes against what the Bible has clearly taught them. 2) Traditions of men that seek to look good to the rest of the world as to their religiosity, but their hearts are far removed from God.
  • religion is as bad or good as the people practicing the faith. the same goes for nonreligious. religious few.. have never been more than 10 to 20% of any population until the 1800s worldwide. therefore 80% of the genocides and mass murders in all histories wars have occurred between nonreligious countries and peoples. this is a documented fact. in fact, billions of people have been murdered by non religious leaders and their folowers in the last two hundred years, even while religious populations have increased to almost 95% of the world now. nonreligious leaders, have killed millions and millions in africa alone in the last year, 2008..just look at africa, alone. how stupid, of a comment and how erroneous
  • Tell you one thing. If I actually wanted points, I would stay away from religious questions. Without a doubt they are VINDICTIVE. They don't like your answer they suck away points then run off and hide because they have nothing to say.
  • they tell you what to believe and whats 'right'. people should decide for themselves.
  • Hiersay, pushers and war
  • I don't think it is the religion itself you should focus is the people who practice it. Believing you are superior and that your belief is "better" than anothers.. that is arrogance Misinterpreting your holy book and using that misinterpretation against others who do not share your beliefs Memorizing the holy book, going to your place of worship regularly, and still treating others badly, with malice and unkindness. So it really has nothing to do with a specific religion, it has everything to do with the imperfect human beings who follow it! Happy Saturday! :)
  • My opinion only: religious people are judgemental they can't talk to you without "preaching", seems most religious people/organizations want my money but when I need help then they aren't willing to help me even buy food or anything (personal experience). I just find a lot of hyprocritical things that go on.
  • Could it be that much of it now days is man made? And because of this, they add or change their own rules to suite them. And by doing so, they are taking away or changing the Holy Fathers rules. Question is: Do we live our lives Gods way or our way? If we lived the way we should. We all would obey the Holy Father's rules. And try to live the way he spoke of. When he told us about the "ONE" Pure Religion. Spoke about in the book of James Chapter 1 V-27.......
  • I do believe in God and that there was a jesus and I do have faith, but I am not religious I don't believe in religiun bcus i don't feel it's right in my heart.I feel that religion divides us and brain washes us.
  • For me it is the fact that many religions teach that their way is the only way and make followers close minded to the extent that they alienate people of other faiths. Secondly, and I guess closely related is the way that some people allow their religion to take over their whole life such that they try to convert others and/or convince them that if they don't follow the same belief system they are doomed or going to hell..... For me, I think the World would be a far more harmonious place if we stopped fighting over whose God is THE God!
  • james you are absurd. In the complete Rwanda Genocide start to finish, no more than 1 Million were killed. Tou said Tutsis, and more tribes than that were involved. Just happens so many of those murders occurred at the many Catholic churches in the country. Ever think they weren't all atheists? What religious propaganda do you use for your information? Or do you make this all up yourself. With all the credentials you claim I would expect better logic. Your elevator doesn't run to the top. You're not the sharpest knife in the rack. In about 10 years on the Internet you set the record for outrageous statistics. Another thing. It is Darfur with ongoing problems. The killers are mainly muslim, but more so tribal group. The victims happen to be Animists. Use a dictionary. Animists are not atheists. My bet would be your academic achievements are likely no better than high school. Not mincing my words I think you are a complet fraud and troll.
  • I sometimes have to correct myself It's Tutsi, not Tutsis. The single form is both singular and plural. james does have me looking up his claims. So, far, he has blown every statistic by at least 100%. I have seen as much as 1000% And so far all other of his "facts" have been found 100% incorrect. But thanks for the learning experience. I would sure hate to be left in ignorance believing the things james does. I'm not falling for the dr nonsense. You just don't match the image of any doctor I ever knew.
  • 5-16-2017 According to the bible, religion is something men make up, and God has a low opinion of it.
  • Failure to be obedient to simple scriptures... 1.NOT to be involved in exorcism...Galatians 5: 19-21 2. Wearing of regalia...Jesus didn't. 3. worship of icons and statues. And relics...e.g. hair /fingernails/ dried blood. Exodus 20: 4,5...Acts 15:20 Just one is enough to negate the entire religious group.
  • None. There is nothing "worse" in religion as it's people and their ego's that are the problem. Dullards who try and negatively generalise religions and their beliefs tend to be small minded and ill informed about them.

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