• Well...I ask that to my self every time i give a donation...all we can do is pray that it does...
  • fact so many expose's have been aired and written about this subject...even the biggest of charities have admitted about 1c in every dollar reaches the target.Sad fact is ,the executives of these fraudulent outfits sit back on their fat arses getting rich from the donations of often poor people who still can give a little something to someone worse off.Both donors and recipients are ripped off by these maggots.
  • Yes ... since I only donate my TIME & EFFORT at a local food bank, every Thursday.
  • If it is money only about 40 percent tops.
  • I agree with you people
  • I donate directly to local charities (a children's home, a privately run animal shelter...) and only give donations in kind. I'm in close contact with the caretakers of the children's home. they contact my biker group when they need something, and we try to help. If a kid from the home needs glasses, we'll find an optometrist and convince him to give the kid a free eye test and glasses. We'll organize fundraisers for the purchase of bed linens for the children's home. I'll buy dog food and take it to the shelter. I will give my time, not my money. As a general rule, I stay away from charity organizations that only want money. So, in general terms, yes, my donation goes where I think it goes.
  • Mine dose because when I donate, lets say for food. I'll go to the food store myself & pay the bill. Same goes for other things like a electric bill etc:. I learned along time ago. It was always the best way to make sure every penny went for what it was meant for & not into middle peoples pockets.........M.C.S.
  • We can only hope........
  • i choose to believe that it does
  • To The Salvation Army? yes. At least 40-50% of the donation makes it there.

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