• Get your own internet connection.
  • Wait until you're 18, then start paying for your own net access.
  • Hack it by getting the info from one of your friends, or you could explain to them why you want to go onto the sites you want to access (and come up with some really good reasons), or you could get back at them by asking them to do something for you while they are logged into the computer on their profile and create your own password for it (hold their inability to access the computer as repayment for your inability to access the internet properly), or you could just not do anything they ask of you (only suggested as an absolute last resort and if you have nothing that you'll want to do for the next three years). Hope I helped.
  • Here's what I did. I did it accidently, but I managed to get a virus, so this computer guy came and said he couldn't fix the computer without the parental control thing on, so it had to be disabled.
  • um, stay of those because they are a complete waste of time. no offence. just my opinion.
  • go to the library and use the net there

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