• I speak to myself in the first person. I will say something like: Do not mess this up. You know what failure feels like. You don't have to sabotage this situation any more. Or: Don't forget to love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Or: Relax, baby. Think your way through this thing. You can find the answer, just calm down. Breathe!
  • Lots of song lyrics and "hummed" melodies, often just bits of a song on repeat. And depending on what I'm doing there's sometimes lots of swearing like "wtf is that guy doing" or "watch out" or "shit." But usually I'm visualizing different fantasies and scenarios more often than having a monologue
  • Imagine a bad tempered old curmudgeon whose heading into dementia grousing to himself. Add a liberal sprinkling of "motherf*cker" and you pretty much have it.
  • It's not really a monologue. It's more like a crowd of between 5 to 20 thoughts pressing in at once! Sometimes it's a scary place to be!

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