• I love it becasue as imperfect people we cannot achieve it no matter how hard we try. It's all about the journey.
  • A better question would be, How do you love or despise something that doesn't exist?
  • I despise people who brag about it.
  • Its a hypothetical question -- there is no such thing. Now... if you mean perfectionISM -- I think it is a waste of time. Nature, though, is perfect to me. The graphics are even better than my Mac ;-)
  • I would love perfection if it existed.
  • ... neither actually, but much closer to loving it ... as a Ninja, it is something I sort of strive for ... the word Nin, means to strive for excellence.
  • When I am working I strive for perfection. In daily activities I try to take a cost/benefit approach. It quality of items or services from others I'll typically be happy with an A- performance. That probably didn't anwser the question.
  • I don't believe it is possible so I'm indifferent.
  • Perfection is boring. The imperfect can be beautiful.
  • I loved being a perfectionist when I was younger evrything had to be right my hair make up EVERYTHING! I now enjoy relaxing a little more and not being so hooked on everything needing to be perfect ! So now ??I have to say i was a lover of it now I am more a hater! :)
  • No one thing is perfect ... There is no perfection ... beauty and intelligence ... yes! ... but neither is perfect. Beings are never perfect by semetry or action alone ... All material things have a weakness or distortion somewhere. Close ;)
  • I love it. A perfect kiss in a perfect moment is perfect to me :)
  • Both can have good and bad things about them. It just depends on what the situation is, and what it is we're talking about that is perfect or imperfect.
  • The only perfection I see is the perfect beauty that IS our world. When I sit out on the lake with the wind blowing, the trees rustling and the world seems so peaceful.. it truly can take your breath away but as far as anything else.. none of us are perfect. We are all flawed in our own ways and that to me is more perfect than being perfect.
  • I'm a perfectionist although if it’s something like art then I despise perfection as long as I didn’t create it.
  • Great question. I can only say both. The quest for it can drive one to great heights or the depths of despair. Like anything else in life, it's all a matter of perspective;)
  • I have never seen perfection, so neither, it is annoying when people think they are perfect. I strive to do my best, but I never aim for perfection.
  • Perfaction is not possible, If it were i'd have a love/hate thing with it... It's beautiful, but I'm not it, and am therefore jealous...
  • That is really a profoundly deep question. I could write a whole book and not cover every facet of the perception of perfection. In my professional time, I demand perfection, particularly in the performance of my own duties. The closer to perfection I reach in my duties, the fewer complaints. 20% of your problems will consume 80% of your time. In my personal time, I do not find that anything without anomolies are beautiful. Every bump or line, that can be percieved as a lack of perfection, is actually individualizes the beauty of the object, or person I am looking at. I like texture.
  • Hey Sugar. I guess I look at it like this. Since perfection is a goal , it is something I neither love or hate, I appreciate it but do not automatically expect it from others. It depends on the goal, it must be reasonable. I, will never be perfect, my work however, must be. When I build something I will not be satisfied until the finished product is as perfect as I can make it. to stop at a point where you haven't done what you know you are capable of because you lack the energy or desire to complete the task to "perfection" is something I may not despise, but for me I don't accept it. So although we may never BE perfect, it doesn't give us an excuse for failure... So to answer your question....I love the pursuit of perfection, not perfection itself!!
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