• Yes my dad did and I am still paying for it. BUT he did teach me respect, so there are upsides.
  • No, our dad made us stand in the corner, and i have to say it was very effective, we got so bored we completely forgot what we were argueing about in the first place lol.
  • My mom gave me a few spankings but that's just about it mainly.
  • No thank God.
  • just one of them but its all good now i guess.
  • Over half a century ago, it wasn't that uncommon.My parents were very strict, but more given to a swat now and then. I only got an actual beating with a belt twice that I remember. Once for waking them up early on a Saturday morning by being too noisy, and once for not coming home on time. Both were when I was around eleven. When my Dad was growing up on a farm with four brothers, his Dad used a whip on them from time to time. That was in the late 1930's.
  • No, my dad was too busy beating my mother. He never hit us kids. My mother hit no one.
  • no but to be honest I would have rathered been hit then the other abuse
  • I was born in the 50's and they believed in beatings.
  • I wouldn't say that they "beat" me....they didn't give me any more than I deserved. If you want to talk about abuse though, there was a lot of mental and emotional abuse they put me through, whether they knew they were doing it or not.
  • I don't know if you could call it a beating. They didn't use clubs and hit us in the head to knock us out. They spanked on the rear and my mother slapped my face a time or two. A wack or two with the open hand doesn't classify as a beating in my world but it might in some. I was born in the 30's. You didn't raise a kid without spanking in our world of 2nd generation German parents. Seems like I turned out OK dispite the spankings and maybe some because of them.
  • Ofcourse Yes ...And I deserved it too ...They weren't beatings as such ! Just a few spankings :) !
  • My dad, yes. My mum, never.
  • Nope. I had a few spankings, but they were all planned and I always knew why I was getting them. They were earned consequences:-)
  • Spankings, yes. Beatings, no. There is a big difference between the two. When I got a spanking, it was because I had been bad...and I deserved it. But it was hardly "beating."
  • Yes, my father used his belt and it wasn't confined to the bottom. I have blocked a lot out of my mind and at 46 I still can not remember it all. When my father left my mother took over and used whatever was at hand and hit wherever she could reach.
  • fact, I honestly don't remember ever being spanked. I'll have to ask my baby sis (she's 63) if she remembers our being spanked. I spanked my son only once and I still remember the look of fear in his eyes..I never did it again. Who wants to have their children fear them? :)
  • Generally - November Alpha Hutcheson!
  • Yep. My mother was one of those fanatical Christian women who believed in strict discipline. But the beatings were real. My father was easier on us. He's just use the traditional spankings.
  • my dad did he used to hit me with a belt quite alot but my mum didnt
  • My mom slapped my face if I was insolent (usually with a warning, "Would you like your face slapped?" first. I remember being hit with a wooden yard stick or a hand for various offenses, but not beaten. It would be a whack that stings a bit, but nothing that leaves bruises or anything like that. Certainly nothing that traumatized me. It seems like a bit much, maybe, but my mother didn't have to put up with bad manners, either.
  • My mom once grabbed me by my belt and whipped me around like a tether ball. My dad hardly touched me.

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