• Start by looking up the atomic mass of vanadium on the periodic table. Vanadium (V) is #23, with an atomic weight (mass) of 50.94. Thus one mole of V weighs 50.94 grams. Since 1 mm of fingernail contains 6.4x10^-13 g, the number of millimeters required is (50.94)/(6.4x10^-13) = 7.96x10^13 mm. If nails grow at .0123 cm/day then this is .123 mm/day. So the required number of days is (7.96x10^13)/(0.123) = 6.47x10^14 days. Dividing by 365 days/year gives 1.77x10^12 years -- almost 2 trillion years. This is many times the lifetime of the universe.

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