• K2 / Qogir / Godwin Austen Some interesting distinctions of "tallest" vs "Highest"
  • Well -- may get whacked again but, oh well. The tallest mountain was always the tallest mountain regardless if it was known by anyone. As to "before ...discovered" that would depend on what time frame you are speaking of and if such was even titled by humans. As to "highest," as referenced by the other other reply there are several methods for measuring. For example some might say one along the equator is the tallest as measured from the center of the earth. Another method measures from the base, claims one off the coast of Hawaii is the highest -- though most of it is under the ocean. The typical way is to measure from sea level. There are others.
  • i have no idea, maybe you can goggle it
  • Mount Everest is the highest peak from sea level. This is true both before and after it was discovered. However the one that is tallest from base to tip is Mauna Kea. But the Earth is a living thing and it evolves. There may well have been an elevation higher than Mount Everest in the past that was destroyed from earthquakes and there may again rise a mountain even higher. Then again if we include other planets, that opens worlds of other options!

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