• Heroin is an alkaloid, so it should be bitter, though I wouldn't know by personal experience.
  • I am an ex-user. I smoked black tar heroin. Because dealers use molasses, it can kinda taste like really strong teriyaki. China white (powder) varies, but will usually have a bitter flavor that doesn't linger unlike cocaine.
  • heorn tastes like cement. remember when you were a kid learning how to ride a bike and you busted your ass and went flying into the sidewalk. every time i snort heroin, i am reminded of that taste of cement in my mouth. cocaine, on the other hand, tates like medicine.
  • Like a wasted life (figuratively speaking)
  • its weird, after sniffing it, the taste almost makes u wanna yaak, but after u stopped using, like me, u start to miss it... it is actually kind of tasty, it tastes bitter, & if u smoke weed, it kinda reminds me of how resin tastes... a little
  • Wouldn't know and would never want to know. My experiments with class A's stops at hallucinogens.

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