• Unfortunately reducing cholesterol levels is not an easy task..your liver processes and regulates and also produces cholesterol...the liver on its own without the need of dietary cholesterol produces the needed amount....there is good cholesterol and bad is often said that your cholesterol levels of both good and bad are controlled by your genes... a low fat/low cholesterol diet and exercise are essential in helping to lower cholesterol and to maintain low cholesterol levels.. the good cholesterol transports the bad cholesterol in the blood back to the liver to leave the body as a waste product...
  • Yes. Have all of your mercury filling removed ASAP. Mercury is highly toxic and causes high cholesterol and fatigue and that is what you have. Metal fillings are 50% mercury. Mercury is the second most toxic substance on the face of the planet, second to radioactive plutonium. Mercury does cause a plethora of health problems.
  • There are medications that can help. But before you go that route here 12 foods to naturally lower high cholesterol. Oats, red wine, salmon and other fatty fish, nuts, tea, beans, chocolate, margarine, garlic, olive oil, spinach, avocado.

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