• Static-X is kinda like Disturbed
  • Drowning Pool can't be imitated! Brrr
  • I'm not familiar with those bands but check out It's a free music sight you can use to find new artist similar to the ones you already like based off of the different aspects of the songs. Set up an account (no worries, it's free and they don't sell our info) and start finding new atrists. The only drawback is that (thanks to all sorts of crazy copyright laws)you can't request specific songs to listen to. The site allows you to create any number of stations w/ what ever mix of artist or song titles you like and has excellent artist information and links. I spend almost as much time on that site as Answer Bag!
  • Godsmack Korn Saliva Papa Roach Tool System of A Down
  • Skrape and Slaves On Dope BUT DUDE this 2 band sounds a little like But then I agree TOTALLY with Anonymous 47 Drowning pool can't be differ!!!
  • Skrape and Slaves On Dope!!Sounds like Drowning pool a bit!!
  • dont know of any
  • Evanescence,Korn. A couple I can think of in akin style.

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