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  • Chances are he meant just that -- he was pleased to see you again. (as opposed to being displeased and preferring he had not run in to you)
  • I can't speak for others, but I would mean it. I guess it depends on the tone and delivery, it can go from common courtesy to subtle (or not so subtle) flirting.
  • That depends. Is he looking at you through binoculars or a telescope? Is he your Gynocologist? Is he blind or vision impaired??? In general, it is a common pleasantry. A nicety that has no real value. Sort of like saying, "It was a pleasure to meet you" to some random you were introduced to at a function that you will likely never see again. Unless he said it with some sort of overtones, a look in the eye, etc - I wouldn't read too much in to it. It is usually meaningless.
  • I think it means he has enjoyed seeing you, again. This is usually said when departing.
  • Most guys aren't devious enough to mean anything more than it was nice to see you again. AND, it COULD be that it's just a platitude he's used over and over and he doesn't really mean it. Then again, he probably does. In other words, nothing but what he said.
  • It means that it is nice to see you again. Do you need to read into everything and not just accept it at face value? Sometimes we say what we mean too.
  • 12-17-2016 It means he has not memorized any lines to use in a conversation. Everything he says has to be made up on the spot for that one occasion.
  • Either he is sincere or it is a typical verbal expression.
  • just what he said, that he enjoyed seeing you again

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