• A "smear tactic" is an attempt to defeat an opponent by making him look bad ("smearing" him with something) instead of providing superior answers to questions or better solutions on issues. A candidate in an election ought to show how he differs from his opponent, and pointing out things in the opponent's record or policies you believe to be undesirable is fair and reasonable, but relying exclusively on "smear" rhetoric is considered low-class. Often smear campaigns are distortions, half-truths or outright lies, making them dishonest. Many engage in this unfair smearing so don't just believe everything you hear. Many of the charges against Presidents Clinton and Bush belong in this category.
  • Ask an unhappy gorilla in the city zoo. I remember to this day those gorillas throwing and smearing their shit at the protective glass. I Hope today the conditions are better than they were in the 60's
  • an effort to damage or call into question someone's reputation, by propounding negative propaganda.

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