• $500/year doing Web design. I'm a high school student with no need for money, but I make a few hundred here and there designing websites.
  • I am a full-time paralegal; I write greeting card verses for a friend's greeting card designs; I play fantasy football; I do a small trade in rare books; I help clean apartments between tenants at a small complex.
  • Project Manager - Medical Software Engineering.
  • College professor ************ "Stableboy: What subject?" Geology
  • I own and work in my hair salon.
  • My main job that takes up most of my week involves administrative and welfare work for the Fire Service but I also: -Write stories and reviews -teach creative writing workshops -Work as a model (art and glamour, not fashion) -sell stuff on ebay
  • I work for a government agency in the U.S.... I believe that makes me a "civil servant." But its nothing exciting, not the FBI or CIA or anything.
  • Family law lawyer with expertise in child abuse and father's custody. I also freelance write: have published in Salon Magazine and High Times, and guest edited for Francis Ford Coppola's literary mag.
  • I'm a hair stylist and I buy and sell things on eBay.
  • My job title is Gal Friday. This includes all sorts of fun tasks. Answer phones, do computer work, handle orders and all the good things that go along with them like shipping and billing. It's a smorgasboard of fun. The industry is a bit weird but I will tell you, it's NEVER boring. In my previous existence for the past ten years it's always been in some type of "customer service" realm in things from promotional products, automotive parts and househould cleaning products. In 1997 I started my own visiting pet sitting service. That had to be the most difficult job. The animals were great but their owners were the biggest nutcases imaginable. I should have chronicled my escapades and written a book, it would have been more productive.
  • nothing since i cant find a job
  • Soldier of Fortune

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