• Oh I was at a posh Restaurant with my ex and for starters we had somethinng green with mint in it oh it was disgusting ! Havent a clue what the name of it was but it was horrible... Im fussy when it comes to food but that was horrible!
  • soap :( yucckkk .. and that was by mistake of course!
  • Raw oysters
  • Lets just say I had a lot to drink, and I was at a real dive of a bar, and the pickins was real small.
  • An ant. When I was about 5, I had a pair of shiny new school shoes. Like most kids, my shoes were obviously well worn within a week of wearing them every day. I took great pride in wiping them every spare minute I had to preserve the newness, and this one time I was in the playground and decided they needed a wash. Having no water, I licked my fingers and wiped my shoe, but they were still a bit dirty. So (this is so gross), I relicked the already licked and dirtied fingers and continued wiping. This went on for a while - until I realised that I had something in my mouth. Scraping it off my tongue I discovered an unfortunate and now rather soggy ant had met its demise in my mouth. Though if I remember correctly it was still slightly alive when I freed it.
  • Tree bark.
  • My dog's butt. We were wrestling and she sat on my face
  • Rubbing alcohol. About two weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night, went into the bathroom, thought” let me gargle when I am in here” ( it was dark) , grabbed a bottle from the counter and proceeded to gargle wit rubbing alcohol for about a half a second. Woke me up it did. Glad that I did not swallow any!
  • A "stink finger".
  • tin foil it got stuck on the meat in the oven and a started chewing my dinner and it seemed to shock my teeth I freaked out a bit I could still remember the taste even now not nice.
  • Straight MSG.
  • I wont go into detail but i was in bed with a ex-gf and it was very fishy lol.

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