• The customs and practices of natives of the Dominican Republic.
  • "The Dominican people and their customs have origins in a unique mix of African, Taino and European roots. The Dominican Republic was the first Spanish colony in the New World. THe newly-arrived Europeans killed many of the native Taino people through enslavement and the introduction of diseases previously unknown to the native inhabitants, although many Tainos fled into the mountains where along with African escapees they formed Maroon colonies. The colonizers imported African slaves to replace the natives. After the Haitian liberation of the entire island, slavery was abolished and free blacks (and those of mixed race) could be found all over the islands. However, there are vast differences in class and education that separate different groups. The wealthy privileged status people elite are mostly of European descent, while the majority of the poor are of mixed race and of African descent. The metropolitan culture available to the upper class and vanishing (due to economic turbulence as of late) middle class is often comparable to the life of city dwellers in the rich countries of Western Europe and the United States. But this metropolitan culture doesn't reach the poorest people, who may not have the most basic amenities, necessities, running water, electricity, sanitary facilities nor consumer electronics." Source and further information: Further information:

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