• tool time and everyone loves raymond
  • I don't watch TV with my dad.
  • We used to watch ABC's Wide World of Sports.
  • What movies and television series DID I watch with my Dad? The Milton Berle Show The Red Skelton Show The Lawrence Welk Sshow The Ed Sullivan Show The Honeymooners I Love Lucy Bonanza Wagon Train The Cisco Kid The Lone Ranger
  • Seinfeld, awesomely bad 80's action movies, and golf.
  • I've met my father 3 times in my life & we've never watched a movie. Hopefully I won't see him again so we never will
  • I can't watch tv with my dad, he is retired and addicted to Dancing With The Stars. I will take a rain check on that. But sometimes we watch the news together:) And that's cool:)
  • I don't... Used to watch: The munsters Aadam's family Sanford & Son My three sons Star Trek stargate:SG1 Quantum Leap I dream of Jeanie I love lucy All in the family Green Acres This old house Trucks etc.
  • My father comes home late night. So we don't get a chance to see TV shows together.
  • When I was 18 & 19 after I had got pregnant we use to watch Miami Vice together every Friday & order pizza I thought it was strange because before that besides on Sunday mornings watching Bonaza & I rem watching Lonesome Dove(he loved that movie) & Steel Magnolias ( especially when that woman with the huge but was dancing & knocking everyone off the dance floor at that wedding, I can still hear him laughing so hard) we didn't watch shows a lot he was never home. He always had other outside interests he'd rather spend time with until I grew up & started my own family. I had finally started getting close to him then he passed away when my baby was 6 months old. Better late then never I guess. Thanks for the memory flash back
  • Oh, so many! Star Trek X Files Forever Knight Pretty much five or six movies every summer... Wow. I have to make sure to remember to watch stuff with my kids!
  • Scrubs. Never mind the buzzcocks...Old films. Generally really awful films that come on late at night. Or musicals on a bank holiday that everybody else loses interest in. Me and my dad have some of our best conversations while watching the TV. I'm sure that's healthy :)
  • I used to watch the original batman series with my dad. It was a cartoon on around 6 pm and I'd watch it with him when he got home from work.

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