• Two questions for the price of one - well done. No, and NO.
  • Disagree. I can be totally happy when alone. Love most probably is hardly ever 50:50, but I would not say never.
  • I have always been a loner throughout my life. When everyone was at the party, I was up trecking in the mountains somewhere, or exploring some mysterious river. But I was always missing someone.
  • Happiness can be great by one's self, in fact I sometimes prefer it that way... There is no real way to know about the 50:50 love, but I would say that if I had to choose I agree, the chances of two people feeling the exact same thing towards each other to the exact same degree are unlikely, but I don't think it's somethinbg that can be measured - but that's being possible overly literal... Lets say that unrequited love is common...
  • Disagree on both counts. Happiness is BETTER when shared, but it is perfectly valid when you're alone. Sharing just enhances it. As for love, it should always be 50/50 if it's real, meaning 50/50 in all aspects. The best part is, with real love, 50+50= a number higher than 100. True love is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • No and total B.S. to both.
  • That would mean it only occurs in more than one person. But the idea in your question that there is a shared and unshared happiness implies that you might first have happiness and then you share it and --what?-- it gets greater? Is this like the marriage description: Doubles your joys and halves your sorrows.
  • Disagree. Love is 100%/100%. And happiness is a personal choice every minute of every day. And you don't have to give that power away to anyone, ever!
  • Disagree. In order to be happy with someone else, you first have to learn how to be happy with yourself. Most people think that they are happy with themselves, I certainly thought I was. But they, just like me, are not. I was cocky, not happy. I have since done a lot of learning, looking at and studying myself. I learned my goods, bads, and uglys. I applied what I learned, getting rid of the uglys, I straighted up and gave my bads a tune-up, and after a little over a year, I felt different. I felt happy. I was happy with myself! When you become truly happy with yourself, THAT'S the moment you become a true adult. And you will actually feel a change go through your body, making you aware of the exact moment you became a real, true, mature adult. The other part is no, love is not 50/50. It's 100/100. Your role in your relationship is to give 100% to your partner. And by doing so, making your partner happy will make you happy. Your partner's role is the same. Give you 100%, and by making you happy, it will make them happy. Now. Sometimes relationships can become 200/0. That's when one person in the relationship "falls". It may be losing a job, mourning over the loss of a loved one, falling I'll, whatever. The other person, be it you or your partner, is there for support, picking up the slack while the other one recovers. When one falls, the other one catches. Some times, it's 100/0. This comes when in discussing something of importance to both of you, you both have different opinions, but one of you concedes, letting the other have their way or one of you realizing that the other is right.. And finally, occasionally you will have 0/0. When this happens, you both have to be mature enough for it. This is when after much discussion, where both parties have truly listened and understood where the other one is coming from as well as them listening and understanding you, but you cannot reach an agreement, you both have to decide to agree to disagree. Neither of you "get your way". That is going to be one of the topics that remains in limbo, maybe forever or maybe until one of you changes your mind anywhere down the road. But it's perfectly normal and ok to have those times.
  • well im very happy eating a chocolate when im all alone and not sharing lol and in my long married life..i agree love is not 50/50

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