• Probably just stand and look around.
  • I would just stand and look around.
  • stand there looking stupid and looking all around for something, kind of back up into an inconspicuous place and wait for something to happen.
  • I would stand and look around, trying to find the reason for his franticness.
  • I MIGHT run and hide.
  • Depending on where it was at & who or what they were. If I was in lets say a high rise building, I may what to get out and back on the ground as quick as I could. Or if it was a miss of mad bee's that he got P.O.'ed at him, I may want to get in a car, truck or building as fast as I can. Even tho in this case,it may be wise to just stand still. But if it was a dozen or more playboy bunny's that he got mad at him, for some reason or other. Then I think I would just stand around off to the side, and enjoy the view.....LOL
  • depends on who the person was, if i knew they were Sane... I would probably jump in my car and speed off... if they were a nut job, i would probably just get into my car and see if anything was really coming :-P
  • I would stand and look around: If he is the only person that runs by within a few seconds I would think he is drunk/insane and carry on as normal but keeping an eye out on what may be happening behind me. If several other people start appearing and running by (or a danger appears) I would get out of the way by either entering a building or running but in a slightly different direction to the crowd.
  • i'd keep walking. I'd pretty much think he was insane
  • i'd keep walking, its when everyone else started running i'd panic lol
  • I'd look for the cameras.......
  • I agree with Samantha aka rambo..... i'd first check my memory banks to see if i knew the guy but being curious by choice i would go in the direction he came from to investigate
  • I'd probably just keep walking, but if I was in a silly mood then I'd probably run behind him yelling the same thing.
  • I would probably look around as a reflex..then I would hide. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • If he yelled 'hide and run and go', I might get concerned seeing he was being concerned for my safety..

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