• Between one to four and four is for longterm employees of perhaps six or more years. It varies from company to company.
  • About 10 days is average per year but up to 40% of business executives and small business owners do not take any holidays at all--hard to believe.
  • 1-23-2017 Everyplace I have worked included "paid vacation" in the plan, but in fact what they meant was "paid but not taken". Bosses were always surprised when I tried to schedule vacation.
  • There are 10 Federal holidays. My wife's company only celebrates 5 of those. Depends on the company / school / etc.
  • Would depend on how many they want to take or what their employers allow. Where I work it is 10 days and you have to sign up for them ahead of time. Most people I work with cluster them around two or three national or state holidays rather than take them all at once. If we don't take vacation days we can carry over seven of them into the next year. I usually take time off in August - about a week and a half though I am allowed more because of the amount of time I have been here.

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