• Yes, I just bought a coffee for $1.85.
  • Yes, but not as much.
  • when i get older i plan to use maybe 1 credit card or 0 credit cards i think that all they do is make your items cost more money and eventually mess up your financial status go cash!
  • Only when I pay for school lunches and road-side fruit and veggies.
  • I do not have a checking account, so cash for all it seems. (Bills, I know you'll ask, is money orders.)
  • yes... even though banks are trying to get rid of it
  • Sure, I always keep cash on hand for small purchases...! and I see people using cash all the time...! Credit card companies just want you to think cash is passe' so they can make a profit from the money they lend you on every purchase you make... but it's not...! ;-)
  • Of course I do but I prefer to use debit when I go to department / supermarkets and get a little cash back. I never do my bank statements, I always keep a running total in my head. I'm odd like that.
  • I use cash quite a bit.
  • It's all my probation officer accepts besides money orders. Oh...I use cash for vending machines, too...and at the convenience store in the lobby if I buy less than their $5 minimum for card purchases.
  • If your smart you do. Keep those government eyes away from you.
  • I paid for a full tank of gas today in cash... even at these prices!
  • I do. My husband makes a lot more money than I do, so his check goes to bills, savings and retirement, I just cash my check, and use that to buy gas, groceries, and everyday expenses. A bonus to using cash is that at the end of the day all my change goes into one of those 5-gallon water bottles, and it becomes our Christmas money. Last year we had almost a thousand dollars in it.
  • I use cash, if I don't have enough cash on me for what I am purchasing then I use my debit card. All depends on what it is, I use credit cards for larger purchases.
  • Belive it or not I didn't realize they have been changing 5 and 10 dollar bills until a few days ago. I always whip out my check card.
  • Yes, me, almost all the time. I only use my credit card to purchase some things online.
  • Yes, for everything except most of my groceries, but I have a state benefits card for that. I do have a debit card, but I only use that to pay my bills online and for the occasional online purchase... or on vacation, when it gives me a better exchange rate. But I make sure to budget all of my debit card purchases as if they were cash (i.e. put the money in the checking account BEFORE making the purchase).
  • Yes I only use cash/coins for local area buying & checks for mail payments.
  • ALL THE TIME..even for big purchases
  • In Europe, where they need a PIN or signature for every transaction, cash is much faster than credit card; the PIN often takes up to a minute to be accepted. Credit cards are not really feasible for some people - e.g. the lady who brings sandwiches round my office.
  • Rarely. I prefer my debit card.
  • nope , and i'm collecting it all up because it is discontinued .. please send me what you have , i will gladly dispose of it for you :D
  • I use cash almost exclusively when engaging in face to face transactions.
  • Yes, that is almost all I use. I write only 12 checks per year, for rent. I pay cell phone & internet at an ATM while I am withdrawing cash. I have never had a credit card and do not want one.

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