• And yet another 527 rightwing blogger tossing out disinformation. Nice try! Do you get paid per post or do you just do it to support your campaign?
  • Obviously Michelle's success in this country was an isolated incident and she needs to make things change so that others aren't doomed to live in a soup line.
  • Prove your statement.
  • She is a fool just like Hussein.
  • I can't think of a great number of things that any of our countries have done during her adult life to make any of us particularly proud of them.
  • Is the Republican party paying you to recycle lies within social networks? I try to be tolerant of people's opinions and acknowledge they're often different from mine. But planting obvious seeds of discontent by RECYCLING outright lies are a bit much. I hope McCain IS elected and gives us 4 more years of the Bush agenda. It would be worth it JUST to see people like you experience the inevitable devastation you've brought on yourself.
  • She couldn't have possibly be proud of the country she was [born] in at a time when they were lynching black people in the south. And when I say "south" I mean beginning from the Canadian border on down. Not so long ago black people weren't allowed even to vote. And many people had their head cracked wide open, and even kill, just to get the basic rights that by definition were granted to others without any effort. So too many people very hypocritically attempt to gloss over many still-fresh historical facts by clinging to a comment she made and using it to put her integrity in question. Because it seems to be more important to all those bigots to hear her saying how proud she is of "her" country in spite of the countless time that she perhaps was told in her face: "Nigger go back to Africa"
  • I doubt that She was proud of her Husband being president. also proud of what she accomplished as first lady... but now? Disheartened because of where liar Trump is taking the country...

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