• all governments are going away soon as the people who keep cashing their paychecks see that they have ruined more than they have fixed!
  • 2-26-2017 People will tolerate freedom for about a hundred and fifty years, and then they demand a centralized government. And they keep on demanding more and more government until it is impossible for an honest man to make a living. Then it all collapses. This cycle has repeated over and over since the garden of Eden. Democracy is actually rare because the basic desire is to force all people to obey a central authority. In any case, only war is associated with technology, not any form of government.
  • With every advancement with technology or knowledge comes a certain amount of responsibility and power. Technology has allowed us to be more productive in whatever we do. So surely it has the ability now and in the future to bring more peace and more prosperity to a region, however with advancing technology comes that respoinsibility to do good with it. this same technology that could save 100,000 people could also corrupt and oppress those same people. it all depends on how someone uses technology.

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