• Not going on a 2nd date for not tipping sounds a little extreme to's a nice big Matza ball hanging out there but would be worth a conversation on tipping.
  • No. It shows an extreme lack of consideration and a large dollop of cheapness.
  • If you can stand hangin' with a skinflint yo...;)
  • i would not consider it a deal breaker, jst make sure the waitperson gets tipped next time. even go back and find the person you forgot to tip and sit there a second time and hand them there tip and say "we forgot the last time" and then " this is for this time" You great- keep it up!
  • I'd have to bring it up and find out what his thinking was -- on tipping --- on good service -- on money. It could have been an oversight or he could be a total jerk.
  • Hell, no! "Cheap" is a deal breaker for me.
  • It wouldn't be a dealbreaker in any case.
  • Did you ask him why he didn't tip her? Maybe he's strapped for cash.
  • If it was our first date and he only brought a certain amount of cash and he did not have a credit card, maybe. This would be if he was honest enough to say that, and of course I would leave the tip. If it happened again NO way.
  • I'm shamelessly stealing Jodie's answer because I would have said it, too: "deal breaker".... Yes the economy is rough, and yes, gratuity can really up the cost of the meal, but you have to do the right thing. If you can't afford to tip, don't go out to eat. Servers are just trying to earn an honest living, too. They put a lot of physical labor into making sure the water glasses are full and the credit card is out.
  • I don't date men so, no... cheap bugger. :-)
  • It would be a deal breaker for me. Why, because if they are too cheap to tip the waitress they are going to be too cheap period. Waitresses, don't get paid menimum wage and have to make it up from their tips. If they had received really lousy service, it would have been better to leave a really small tip so the waitress would have got the hint, but if the waitress was good, he should have tipped her. I use to harp at my husband if I didn't think he left enough, but after watching me dig out an extra dollar or two, he knows better.
  • I'm 100% heterosexual and happily married and don't date guys or even girls for that matter, BUT, I will say that I wouldn't even be friends with a tightass Ogre that stingy and cheap !!!
  • I'd tip her if he didn't.
  • Did he eat alone, you felt it was great food and great service? Yet, you didn't open your wallet? He probaly goes to school works part time...if he has a decent job, though and is older, then thats a whole new ballgame. If your working you should volunteer to treat every once in awhile. If not, just be thankful the guy wants to take you out.
  • I agree w/ R U Sirius, if you're ready to bail on the guy guy because you assume he's cheap...maybe he was so nervous and trying to impress you and forgot to tip? If you like this guy but aren't comfortable bringing up the "non-tipping" incident, bring up the subject of tipping nonchalantly, you should still be in the "getting to know" you phase anyway and this conversation will be a good way to tell if you'll be able to talk about serious issues that will arise throughout your relationship.
  • NO! who would want to marry a cheapstake and tightwad?
  • No I wouldn't. Unless he is absentminded and forgot.
  • I would certainly call him out on it and embarrass him if at all possible. I would not leave the restaurant with out tipping the server. And if it came out of MY pocket, our first date would be our last.
  • No..that means he is a cheapskate and totally unaware (or doesn't care) about what is appropriate. That would embarrass me and if he is so dense/cheap that he would do that, what else is he going to do that shows he is clueless?
  • You can often judge a person the way they treat servers.
  • lol if i was in the dating game ,id like him cause we hardly tip here ..its an americian thing
  • double trouble↑
  • Tipping is optional, regardless. If one tips or doesn't the server still gets a paycheck.
  • My date took out a coupon when it was time to pay.
  • They way people treat others is the best indication of how tings will work out.
  • Unless he is from a foreign country where people do not tip, he's a cheap skate.

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