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  • They will do it when they're ready! When are they ready, or, what is the right age, are two relative questions that can only be answered appropriately by someone that knows the young girl quite well. I suppose it may not be helpful either if there was some severe reprimand coming her way for doing something that may seem quite natural. Not an easy job deciding what to do but I would steer clear and let nature take its course.
  • AH lets think about this then your only a child and want to know if its ok to use a vibrator well maybe not a good idea lol your only young girl and what would your parents think of it eh?
  • Well, I did at that age. Think of it this way... better than going out and having sex with a guy at that age, right?
  • Better than her having sex with boys.
  • It is fine for a 13 year old girl to use a vibrator. As mentioned by others, it's a lot better than going out and having sex. It would satisfy your hormonal urges without the risk of STDs, pregnancy, damaged reputation and other harmful situations. In the privacy of your own home, you would be free to explore what makes you feel good.
  • I certainly woudn't be bothered by it and I'm the father of two grown girls. This is a subject best left to the mother of the girl to decide.
  • sure, I started even younger, but I use a "back massager"
  • I'm sorry, but why the fuck did you put "um, ok" before your damn question?
  • yes, i think it is alright for 13 year olds to use vibrators bacause they will want to know what it feels like and it's better if a parent gets them one rather then the child is having un-protected sex
  • its fine nothin wrong wif itt im same age us guys find it really hot if u use one over msn or something reply to me if ur interested
  • Why not? It's better than risking STDs or getting pawed by some hormone-crazed teenaged boy. +3
  • Sure, absolutely. I see nothing wrong with it, I bought my 13 year old daughter a vib and she loves it! It

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