• I handle it.
  • I keep my chin up and figure out a way to deal with it.
  • I'm in one of those at the moment and I have reached out to my friends. One in particular. He has helped me see things clearer and put things into perspective and given me the shoulder to lean on I so desperately needed. He has helped me laugh for the first time in I don't know how long. I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and am extremely grateful to have him in my life. They say a problem shared is a problem halved. You have to talk about things that are not right in your life, or they will slowly eat away at you, especially if you are not thinking straight and only dwelling on the negative. So be positive, pick up that phone or internet connection or drive to your mates house and TALK!
  • No such thing...tho sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that.
  • There is no situation I cannot handle.
  • First, I cry. Then, I get pissed off. Then, I get really stubborn and do whatever it takes to deal with the problem.
  • I do what I can, and then pray.
  • i get a firm grip like my pittbull's jaws!
  • I try everything I can to overcome any obstacles I run into.
  • Curl up into a little ball and slowly rock back and forth.
  • Mail back to sender.
  • Life had though some pretty heavy stuff at me in my 50 yrs, things that I tell God I think my plate is full, can't handle any more and some how I manage to close my eye's and get up another day and go on. I've Buried both my parents, one I had to turn off life support, one committed suicide, another time a sweet kind man who I thought of as a grandpa I had to make decision to turn life support off also, lost another close young man in family to suicide, tryed to be strong for my baby sister who is a person who needs me alot as she has many problems, a son who as a teen who did drugs, and to top it off I work at a cemetery and help people who are dealing with loosing their love ones. Some days I just want to run away and change my name and not tell anyone what it is.
  • take a deep breath and give a go
  • I do not think life delivers any problems that can't be handled. I think it delivers problems that some people choose not to handle.
  • Give it to someone else..
  • if you you ain't dead you can handle it
  • So far that hasn't happened. If it were to happen, I'd seek help or counsel from family/friends. :)
  • Disappear into my own imagination and live in a daydream. I find it is an excellent way to deal with such things. Alternatively, muddle through it the best you can with your mind focused on the fact you won't live forever and you'll eventually die and be ridden of the situation.
  • Scream in the shower.

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