• No, most people find them funny.... .... They just dont find them funny when anyone from said ethnic group is around at the time to overhear the joke.... LOL
  • Yea, most people are too sensitive about it. I try to see the humor in it when folks make jokes about my ethnicity, wish the rest of the world could do the same.
  • I don't think people are too sensitive. Most people laugh at themselves. But you have to be senstive when telling the jokes. If you know the people well, and are accepted by them, then they will know that you are joking. When it is a stranger making fun of them, they are more likely to wonder if the person is really joking or whether they are slinging off. eg I married into the Italo-australian community 28 years ago. I speak Italian, know the culture and am accepted by them. We joke freely about Italians and their idiosyncrasies. By extension, I could also get away with Mediterranean jokes with people of Maltese, Lebanese, Greek and Spanish backgrounds. I wonder if a person who was not known to them would be viewed with much more reserve. I also speak Indonesian fluently. Because of that, even though I am not Indonesian, I can get away with all sorts of jokes about Indonesians that outsiders would not get away with.
  • The problem is that in many instance some of those so-called "jokes" has as its moral point a stereotype and/or a derrogatory theme. But the sensitivity comes, primarily, from an environment of prejudice, stereotypes of all kinds, and hangups, and so, of course, the "joke" enhances it.
  • I generally find most people see the funny side however I have noticed that Hindus get really annoyed.
  • Only if the joke is offensive or derrogatory.
  • not where i live, people are pretty easy going no matter what their ethnicity. but i live in sunny(so far i belive this word to mean severe rain) Devon in England and racism isn't a big thing here except in some inner city areas.
  • It's ok to joke among friends who accept it as humour, but if you openly make ethnic jokes around strangers, then it doesn't give a good first impression if they assume you're a bit racist.
  • I think there are plenty of good jokes in the world why even bother telling those that might offend someone?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      What's wrong with being offended? Sticks and stones....
    • Linda Joy
      It does seem to be popular these days, doesn't it?
  • Yup. People are snowflakes now. Be careful you don't spew out any microaggressions.

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