• keeping my cool when i feel like its the boiling point
  • Going to school for environmental engineering
  • I recycle,: plastics, paper, cardboard, tins, milk containers etc, turn electricity off when not needed, try to car pool a bit, purchase things that use environmentally friendly items,in fact, thats not much is it?
  • I don't cut pipes on refrigeration units anymore and let the freon escape.
  • I try to combine my errands into one trip and I generally use my car as little as possible. I use Energy Star rated appliances. I'm using CFL bulbs and I'm going to start replacing them with LED bulbs when it's time to replace them. I use fans for cooling as much as I can instead of my A/C. I have a lot of double-paned windows now and I open them at night for additional cooling. I planted a tree in my front yard last year.
  • I'm trying not to fart as much.
  • I'm not convinced global warming is real let alone man made so nothing at this point.
  • Why should I contribute to something I don't view as that much of a problem.
  • i walk to school and work (both within a 5 minutes from my front door!) :D also i dont have a car..
  • I go out of my way to buy one tree every year and to plant it where it will flourish and grow. I have been doing that for about 35 trees now. It's the least that I can do!
  • by trying to get it though peoples heads that its NOT a man made phenomenon!!! were comming out of an ice age people. just like has happened before mankind exsisted. the earths climate will raise and fall. plant trees, drive less, go green!! enjoy wasting your time and money on unnecessary cause that you cant stop. earth was around millions of years before mans exsistance and will continue to be around millions of years after man cease to exsist.
  • Minimize close to home, don`t buy aresol sprays, recycle, support clean energy via electric co. green program monthly donation. Trapped Methane Gas is a real problem too...
  • I HATE that nonsense. I dated someone in the early 90's who took "environmental education" in college, so she could teach people about how we all need to be afraid to crush a blade of grass by walking, or eat anything lest we fart. I HATE THAT!! So now I use as much of every kind of environment-wrecking, ozone and resource DEPLETING thing as i can!!!! -->TO COUNTER HOW DESPICABLE IT IS TO BE TOLD I MUST BE AFRAID TO LIVE! AAARGH! F**K THE EARTH! IT'S INHABITED BY ASSHOLES WHO DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE ANYWAY!
  • 8-28-2017 I put a brick in my swimming pool.

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