• i constantly have to remind my self we are all equal... it is very hard not to be too condescending and it is very hard not to be too humble
  • That's kind of a tough thing to judge. I believe that everyone is better or worse then everyone else in different aspects. I imagine it all evens out when you think about it though, so I'm going to go with B, equal to other people.
  • B) You'll get no-where in life of you think you're better than most people...
  • B. We are all humans, and there is no one superior or inferior to anyone else. Those arrogant enough to believe that because of race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, age, size...whatever!...are nothing more that bigots.
  • b, everyone is equal in my eyes.
  • I think that my personality is much better than others. I don't even know why I think that.
  • I am equal.
  • Better, equal, or lesser at what? No one can be all of the above on everything at all times; but all of us can be one or more of those things on some things sometimes.
  • a little bit of each, on the whole i feel we are all equal but i defnitely think i am better than a murdered, rapist, peadophile etc. considering most people have said we are all equal i am sure this makes me a bad person.
  • all of the above in different areas...and the best at nothing. No matter how good I may be at my greatest strength, there is or will be someone better eventually.
  • i think of myself as a C.
  • Pretty equal. I do some things better then others but that doesn't mean that makes me a better person.
  • ... a mix of all three ... Many of my physical skills are better than those of most people ... as is my general level of intelligence ... yet there is always some one even better, so I'm lesser than them ... but overall, I am equally human.
  • In some things I am farther advanced in my experiences or my learning, but I have never felt it made me better than anyone else. There are also a great many people with more intelligence and more experience than me. It doesn't make them any better than me. We're all in this together.
  • I believe I am equal with everyone else :)
  • A) I know it sounds arrogant, but I honestly think I am better than other people. I have little faith in the goodness or the capabilities of humanity.
  • Equal.
  • Depends on the dimension being deemed 'better, equal, lesser', I guess. In terms of looks - equal In terms of intelligence and applying of same - better than most In terms of financial aptitude - lesser than others In terms of human kindness - better than many and on....and on...
  • A becasue I am an outgoing guy and people like to talk to me and I try to treat others with kindness and respect.
  • B and whatever i have that is A, i've definitely got something that's a C to equal it out
  • B) I feel equal to other people :)
  • Generally, and morally, option b) I believe that all people are equal and sould be treated as such... However, in reality I have been known to sway towards ther latter, C.
  • I fluctuate between B and C but work at staying at B. I have moments of terrible depression but I don't stay there long anymore as I'm just too happy in general and always laughing and smiling. But since I lean towards being a perfectionist and worry8ing a lot, it gets to me when things don't go like I plan or expect and so I feel like I just am no good. Then I remember that others have troubles too and I feel they are worth something, worth a lot, actually and so I start feeling one of the 'herd' again:-)
  • I believe I'm lesser than better people.
  • Growing up C, I never felt like I was as good as anyone else but later I realized B & A but I can honestly say when I feel like A I'm never to good to help someone else achieve the same goals or try to bring them up on higher grounds when they are down & out & going through hard ship. But some people you can't help, I've learned that the hard way but the only thing I feel I've been better at has been a mother to my son at an early age & how I always put his needs & wants above mine to make sure I raised a happy, healthy child. I never stayed away more then 2 days his whole life until he was 17 & stays with my mom now. I always knew I'd have time to do things I probably shouldn't do anyway when he got raised instead of thinking my life was so important & put him with others to do things I wanted to do. I just always felt like don't have kids if your not going to stay home & take care of them. I've always felt like if you spend more time away from your kids then you do with your kids your not being a good mom & they need you more then your friends on the weekends do. But thats me.
  • I fluctuate between C, B, and A. Some days when I'm being mistreated, I feel lesser than, when I'm accepted, I feel equal to. And when I get too much accolades, I feel that I am better than.

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