• God Bless you and your loved ones PFC McGinnis for your unselfish act of bravery. Your parents can be proud that you gave your life in the service of your country and to save the lives of your brothers in arms. If this brave boy doesn't get a posthumous purple heart I will be pretty pissed at our Government of overlooking his unselfish sacrifice.
  • Wow anyone who does that deserves the highest award for bravery. I'm sure everyone involved feels nothing but gratitude towards him. The ultimate act of selflessness.
  • Wow, an unselfish act indeed! *Hats off*
  • I will always salute and thank a comrade. I wish his family the best, and his other comrades will always thank him for what he did.
  • Thank You Scooter for bringing this to every one's attention. As a vet myself, I know that this is the greatest sacrifice that can be made for your country and comrades. May God rest his soul and may his family take some comfort in the fact that he is looked on with great respect and admiration for his heroic act by so many
  • yes I would. It was an incredible act of selfless bravery and while my heart goes out to his family for his loss, I know they have to be very proud of their young man for his courage, his loyalty to his fellow soldiers and his willingness to sacrifice his life to save the lives of others. This is the definition of a hero. Here is a moment of silence/stillness dedicated to PFC Ross A McGinnis. .......................................................
  • thankyou Pfc. McGinnis, we appreciate it.
  • A good candidate for the Medal of Honor..........
  • I hope the family of Pfc McGinnis takes comfort in the fact that he died saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. Its difficult to lose a family member in any way, but to know he is a hero should, hopefully, be a comfort. Although I knew none of them, I am sure his companions certainly feel blessed. May God bless you Ross.
  • A very brave, and unselfish young man indeed. So sad to see a young life cut so short...I'm sure that those he saved shall never forget. And I hope they will ALL come home safely soon!
  • god bless and good night!
  • Thank you, Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis, you are indeed a hero!
  • Good bless that brave soldier and may his dear soul rest in peace. What a perfect act of altruism.
  • thats pretty good, didnt know he did that

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