• The Koine Greek word is σωτηριας (transliterated: soterias). According to the experts I consulted, "the The meaning of this word includes the concepts of salvation, deliverance,and health.These correspond to the three divisions of every human being: spirit, soul, and body. We will see that salvation, in the sense of being set free from a Christless eternity, occurs the instant we believe the gospel and repent. However, there is more to salvation than simply receiving an invitation to heaven. In many ways, we need to experience continual deliverance of our souls, and healing of our bodies. Salvation is an ongoing, growing process, for which reason, the biblical writers encouraged us to search out the truths of salvation." So, salvation includes the aspect of justification (being made right spiritually by the death and resurrection of Jesus) and sanctification (the ongoing transformation of the Christian into the image of Christ). The word in Hebrew for salvation is Yahshu`ah, which is feminine. The masculine version of this is Yahshu`a, the name of Jesus. Both words, come from the word "yasha'" to save, which comes from the word for "to be open, wide". Like the Greek, Yahshu`ah (salvation) implies the healing of the entire person, by opening up to the Lord. There is a messianic Jewish discussion of this on:

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