• I once owned the Speaker of the House, but I had to give him back because he was too chatty.
  • 2 Stereo systems: 4 PC: 2 Home theater: 6 That would be 12 then.
  • A pair in my living room. 4 hooked up to my old PC in the basement. A pair hooked up to my bedroom PC. A portable pair that I can hook up to my cassette tape player or CD player.
  • to the PC 5.1 surround sound to the TV 5.1 surround sound home theater portable DVD high output 2 ford truck 2 in the door and 4 behind the seat Nissan truck 2 in the door and a speaker box with 2 in each behind each bucket seat 68 Buick has 2 in front, 2 in back and portable box n trunk with 4 more bedroom has 4 but have 14 in my shop not hooked up any more, since we went to the surround sound so 36 use on regular basis not counting the other two cars which just have 4 each

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