• You can take the relationship off the field if you think you can go somewhere with it, but what if things don't work out? will it be awkward on the field? will it effect your performance? the out come of a game? If she doesn't e-mail you for a while.. thats fine, then send her one instead of waiting for her to write you one.. If you don't feel that you bothering her.. then give her a call, ask her what she's doing.. my answer just depends on how much you want it.. (to get to know her.. to be her friend.. to be more.. w.e.) Relax.. your thinking too much when you have to ask something like this.. Just ring her up.. and ask her for coffee.. (or tea.. lunch? ask her out for breakfast.. (but people are more comfortable in the afternoon..) private two person game of soft ball? (lol)

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