• Ask your priest or pastor. I'm sure he'll be able to tell you.
  • Look down your pants. If there's a foreskin, you're not Jewish;)
  • Have you tried Macdonalds? They might be able to help you!
  • Is there something to this question I don't quite understand? a RELIGION is something you believe in. What do you believe?
  • gmeades has the correct answer (yet again). Ask your spiritual adviser what religion you belong to. I would go one step farther, what religion did you join? In order to "belong" to a religion, you must join something, so what was it?
  • Wow! it's a hard question. Maybe you can visit the religious groups that are in your city. It doesn't matter which one you choose, it would be in your hometown, near and always there for you. =)
  • Maybe by testing yourself with the one and only "PURE" religion. It is found in the Bible in the book of James Chapter 1 & V-27......There is a difference between the words religion & denominations. They may both relate to one another, but may still mean two different things. I myself would ask the Holy Father to show me the path He has for me to live. And read His word for the correct answer. For many people may join a denomination or group of people in worship. But very few seem to live what is known as "PURE RELIGION" as found in the book of James Ch: 1 V-27...........Good luck on your Journey my FRIEND...........................M.C.S.

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