• I'm very typical male when it comes to getting lost. I'm never lost, I just am taking a short-cut which may be a bit longer than the usual way, but scenic.
  • I usually know where I'm going by feel but I do feel it differently here in the east than I did in the west. Out west, I just knew, even with my eyes closed. My husband however really feels directions and can always sense north south west and east, even in a totally new place or country.
  • Everyday, i have a terrible sense of direction and get utterly lost in simple areas, lol. I need a gps.
  • G'day BigDaddy, Thanks for your question. It depends where you are. I can assure that if you are lost in the Australian outback you can be in big trouble. Regards
  • No. I've been lost, have you seen the film, wrong turn ?
  • No, I have a very good sense of direction and "orientation". A lot of it is from training, but, I think a lot is instinct as well. Some people are just "made that way". I do think people can be trained to find their way around nearly anywhere, day or night. Training for some, instinct for others. (smile)
  • Heck, Big Daddy, us guys always know where we are going, right? I mean, if we seem lost, were just thinking real hard, and we get so deep in thought, that we lose focus... for a second:)
  • Yes, you are never really lost, you just don't know where you are. :)
  • It depends on where you are at. In Indiana, where you and I are from, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get lost as long as you have a half tank of gas. Just keep driving and eventually you'll come to a State Road, Highway, or Interstate that you recognise and then you are homward bound.

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