• In Maryland they give all 12-year-olds a spelling test. If you can't spell -- you can't get the piercing. Sorry.
  • You'll have to go with an adult. Interesting side note though: you actually can't use Answerbag if you're 12. The minimum age is 14.
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  • It should be around 120 years old. Same for tattoos. My father had tattoos on both his forearms. When he died there was nothing but a turquoise blob on his arms. It could not be seen what they were at one time. I see people with tattoos all over themselves and wonder what they will look like when they are 70 years old. My father told me when I came home from the service I had better not have any tattoos or he would skin me alive! I never got a tattoo and even today I think if I got one he would get up out of his grave and skin me! He hated his tattoos.

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