• Not sure about that, but it seems, for some reason, the biggest boobs come out of Washington, D.C.
  • I think the women in mexico. My ex husband has 5 sisters and they are all double d cups.
  • Its said that German girls have the nicest breasts - dont know how true it is?
  • I know England has the biggest in Europe, there are some big ones over here!
  • Is that where you are planning on relocating to?
  • Its been on the local radio stations, they are always doing silly surveys like that
  • Women's breast sizes are more dictated by race then by nationality. If you break up categories of women by race and then assign a relative percentage for a country then you can make an educated guess to answer the question. This brings us to our first thesis.... -Oriental women have the smallest breasts -White and mixed color (Latino, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc.) rank somewhere in the middle -Black women (perhaps African Americans most of all) have the largest breasts The last point is not a myth. US Studies of breast cancer rates between races of women have also compared average breast size in part of their studies. Black women average nearly 30% more total volume area than white women do. So the base average cup size between the races in the US would be something like A cup for Oriental women, B cup for most other women, and C cup for African American women. The rankings are also confirmed comparing women at the highest level of breast size development. African American women dominate the natural (not surgically enhanced) Big Breast market on the internet and the woman who is generally acknowledged to have the largest natural breasts in the world (Annie Hawkins Turner, AKA "Norma Stitz") is African American. Compare this to the other size extreme in the Orient. One of the latest developments in Japan regarding Oriental female models is to find the most buxom girls possible (more as a novelty than as pornography). While on average these models are significantly larger than average breast sizes (most are around a D cup), they only represent the top smallest fraction of their respective race. The bustiest well-known Oriental model (Fuko, AKA "Love") is the only one who is significantly larger than a DD cup. While quite enormous in her own right, she is not even a third of the size of Ms. Turner. There have also been many white (and Latino) women larger than Fuko, some approaching the size of the largest black women (Chesty Morgan, Suzie Sparks, "Melody", a California woman who was featured on the Discovery channel who got a breast reduction, etc.) Given the above analysis then, the country with the highest percentage of black women complimented with the lowest percentage of oriental women would be your answer. Of the major countries in the Western Hemisphere, the United States is probably "the biggest" as African American women outnumber Asian women by almost a 3 to 1 margin. There might be some Caribbean islands though that have a significant percentage of women from African slave descent while having virtually no Asian residents. Arguably the bustiest woman in the world with an overall slender build ("Miotosis") for example, is from the Dominican Republic. Obviously, any country in Africa outside of the Saharan Desert area (where the population is dominated by Middle Easterners) would possibly be ranked as among the highest in the world. However, it is well known that health conditions there are severely compromised. The lack of good nutrition may ultimately have an effect on overall breast development, but this is only speculation. If the nutrition issue is a factor, than the region of the world that may have the largest average breast size might be the southeastern region of the US. Judging by lineage based from ancestry, that area would be roughly defined by a “sunken” diagonal drawn from the Capital region of the US (where Ms. Turner currently resides) through the Atlanta area (where she grew up) all the way to Louisiana.
  • Breast size in terms of race or color is more dependent on the average body fat content of the women than anything else. Women with more body fat have a tendency to have larger breasts. This is generally speaking and taking into account all factors.
  • well Norway apparently

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