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  • No need to worry about the rape thing...loads of clubs and sites on Yahoo..attended a is always fun...get mobiles from them first.and video it! you will want to watch it over i will she!
  • What do you mean by "wife agrees"? As it's "only once," it's clear she doesn't want to do this. Did you pressure or bully her into agreeing? You "fear"? You're the one who wants it! At the mildest it's a form of gang rape. The whole idea is so sick it's putrid. Abandon the idea, and seek psycholgical help, or better, psychotherapy. Immediately.
  • Yes, I have experienced it and love it! Please see my Flickr Page and contact me with any questions. Safe depends on who you invite, as in anything else in life...
  • my wife always liked sucking cock, mine and some she never would admit to doing. When we were partying at a club one night and a guy offered her 1000 bucks if she would do this, she looked at me as if she were asking my approval. right there i knew she wanted to do it so the deed, i thought was as good as done. i just didn't comprehend the effect of my wife not only being totally naked in front of 10 men, but them putting their cocks in her face. AND CUMMING!!!! The fact that she really seemed to be enjoying herself, popping cocks in and out of her mouth, catching cum, licking cum, made me very uncomfortable as well as horny. she didn't even know it was me when i took my turn at her, not having a large cock like many of those guys didn't help me, either. she now goes out regularly to find cocks to suck. i have to accept this as an aspect of our relationship now. i told her it is okay as long as it is only a game, not a real relationship, and that she doesn't hide it from me, stays honest. would i let her do it again? i don't know, but things have certainly changed in our world.
  • Looking back it was possibly one of the most bizarre decisions I've made, but it all turned out well and enjoyed myself thoroughly. It was a Thursday or Friday night and as I was sat at home feeling a bit bored as there was nothing to look forward to on the TV and big brother had just finished, I logged on to one of the sites I use on a regular basis to find I had mail waiting, so, I went straight to my mail box to see what I'd been sent. Turned out to be a mail shot from the site operators telling me all about how the changes they'd recently made to the forums of the site had made a huge impact on the number of posts being placed so I decided to go take a look at what all the fuss was about. I read through some of the general posts from people asking for advice and then came across a post from a girl I've chatted to before in the chat room about a Bukkake party she was having and asking if there were any other girls that fancied coming along for some fun. It wasn't something I'd ever really considered and I wasn't too sure about what went on at a bukkake party so I jumped into the chat room to see if she was still about and to have a chat. Turned out I'd missed her by a few minutes so I dropped her a mail asking her to either drop me a mail by return or give me a call It wasn't long before I got a text asking if it was ok t call, I replied that it was, and she phoned straight away. Carol was a lot more experienced than me in the scene and I knew she arranged parties etc. at her home, I just didn't know what sort lol We chatted for a while and she explained about the cummings (sorry, couldn't resist) and goings of a bukkake party. I love being the centre of attention so I thought I might enjoy it, but I was feeling slightly nervous about it so Carol suggested I simply come along and see what I thought to it all with no pressure to join in. This sounded like a great idea and as I was free on the following Saturday night, I got the address details and made my plans to attend. I had a look around the internet and read up a bit more about the subject of bukkake and the growing trend for bukkake parties in the UK and the more I read the more turned on I got at the thought of all those men wanking themselves all over me. Saturday came and as I'd spoken to Carol during the week I was feeling quite relaxed, relaxed that is until I knocked on the door to see that there was about 20 guys already there and only me, Carol and one other girl I knew then this was going to be some night .

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