• Honey, if you can't control your sex drive at age 15, you have a real problem. Yes, you can say rape. Sex with any underage person is legally defined as rape, whether you consent or not. And yes, there are such things as "male hookers", but mostly they are part of the criminal underworld, along with drug dealers, the mafia, and people who kidnap teen girls and sell them into slavery as prostitutes in foreign countries. You'd be like a rabbit walking into the stewpot. You want to take that chance? You would be just asking for a whole bunch of venereal diseases, such as AIDS, herpes, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, and God knows what all else. Some of those diseases are fatal. That means they kill you. You want to take that chance? Before you begin your life of crime, you might want to think about just masturbating a whole lot. Most women in Japan have a tiny vibrator that they put inside their vagina, so that it vibrates, and they are in a state of low-level orgasm all day long. But your own fingers would do the job just as well. But if you truly can't control your "vivid sexual flare" (which, by the way, is spelled FLAIR), you really need professional help. See a psychotherapist.
  • you are inviting trouble
  • You could probably get a male hooker to do it if you look old enough, but would you really be dumb enough to get popped by a male hooker? Remember hookers are the #1 carrier of aids, condoms are not 100% safe.
  • Heyy im only 14 and ive wanted to have sex so bad for the past year (im a boy), ive even tried going on those dating websites to find someone for just sex, but it says youve gotta upgrade and pay and its all bull. So yeah good luck girl.
  • im a 16 year old guy and want to have sex want to hook up

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