• most are cross bread from a domestic to wild' donestics can live in the wild but usly don't live long because they are not raised in the wild.
  • I think a black rabbit can be wild. Around here we have black squirrels and they're wild.
  • Many animals can have a mutation called melanism, in which their bodies produce more of the pigment melanin than normal. It's the opposite of albinism. It could be a melanistic rabbit. Another example is the black panther which is a melanistic leopard.
  • No, there are no black wild rabbits If you are in the USA or North America, it's probably an escapee as the domestic rabbit and the native rabbit, the cottontail, can't readily crossbreed as they don't have matching chromosomes. If you are in Europe it could be a domestic or a cross with the European wild rabbit.
  • Well, mutations can happen on their own. Most of the differences we see in pet rabbits are because someone capitalized on a natural mutation, aren't they? So a wild rabbit could be black, it's just probably more likely that you found a domestic escapee (or possibly a second or third or whatever generation escapee).
  • There are black wild rabbits but I'm guessing it was probably an escapee. Where are you located?

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