• Have you considered giving the baby up for adoption? As for your parents, you may be surprised. Yes, they'll probably be angry and disappointed at first, but that will fade over time and I suspect they'll be much more supportive than you think they will.
  • questoin continues: there for us and look down on us if they ever find out that we even have sex were at the point that were not gonna do it again till after we are married but what should we do now?
  • I complete your Q. sentence: neither...nor.. will be in irrational reactions yet they will otherwise help both of you!
  • Everything happens for a reason. I used to consider myself pro-choice. I was also scared to be a parent. You'd be surprised how supportive your family might be. I have a brother who aborted a child. He seemed very bitter when my mother (who does not know about the abortion) embraced the idea of a new family member. There are plenty of agencies that can help you out there. Check your yellow pages. You are not alone. There are places you can go take parenting classes and earn "points" for things like a crib and such...or discuss all of your options and sort things out. You are not handed what you cannot handle. Be brave and protect this new life whatever you decide.
    • mushroom
      here's where "pro life" becomes political: cutbacks on social spending means not only less help for newborns, but less help for family planning too. Anyone who thinks abstinence is the only policy isn't this couple or millions of others.
    • Linda Joy
      Abstinence would have worked. They just didn't use it.
  • I am Pro Life and Pro Choice. Pro Life because all life is good and has value, especially human life. Life begins at conception. I am also Pro Choice, Nothing wrong with being able to choose your own destiny, right? However, the CHOICE was made when one chooses to have pre-marital unprotected sex. Just remember if you choose to abort you can never get that choice back. Lots of people state the lack of financial security as a major reason for abortion. Listen, in todays economy there is no such thing as financial security. Do you realize that if you are currently a millionaire today, the gov't has the power to make your money not worth the paper it is printed on tomorrow. Don't let external factors like that make descisions for you.
  • I'm pro-life too. Have the baby and deal with the consequences.
  • Adoption is a viable alternative. Your parents may want to help care for the child which might help of course it's too late to tell you you should have thought about that before but you should have. You really should discuss this all together as a combined family

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