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  • Beauty comes from within... have some confidence... girls like confident guys
  • Be grateful. Women are overrated.
  • Be an excellent person. Then other excellent people, including women, will be attracted to you.
  • Some people are just too caught up in themselves to see inner beauty
  • For me I have to say looks are 3 on my list, personality and a good sense of humor is what you need more than anything, confidence, you may want to try a quick makeover; not a total, but giving yourself a more presentable look that you are comfortable with
  • I often wonder how many times I'm going to have to say this, but here goes again: The single most important thing you can do in the area of romance is to make yourself into the best "you" you can be. You will then be attractive to those of the opposite sex who are interested in the sort of person you have become. This makes for much more loving and stable relationships, ones less likely to break up.
  • Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I have met so many divine looking men and then you chat to them for a minute and they seem ugly and vice versa, chat to a not so attractive man and they make you laugh, are confident and friendly, they seem like the only man in the room. If you think your main issue is your looks than you are looking in the wrong spot. No body wants to settle down with a person that is superficial. You want someone that wants you for you, not what you look like or have.
  • there is ALOT more to a person than just looks..looks are just a plus that is all.
  • Just look around wherever you go. You will see attractive women next to men who are either average or quite ugly. Women mostly care about a man's "beauty" when they are young or naive. Mature women search for more meaningful characteristics.
  • You're not ugly. And stop calling yourself that. You have to be confident, HOWEVER you look, and that will attract people to you.
  • Confidence,confidence,confidence.Oh,and you can start by not referring to yourself as ugly :)
  • First you get off the computer, go out and socialize, I dont that many girls are going to walk past you were you are. Second, what is it that you consider, ugly? Everyone has a different opinion or perception on that. Last, but not Least, quit cutting yourself down, you need to learn to find the great qualities, you have and be the best you, that you can be.
  • Thank you all for your answers. I know confidence is the biggest thing in finding someone but the truth is that I AM confident. I'm in college and I go out with a lot of my friends, who consider me the social butterfly, and we have so much fun. I've struck conversations with so many girls but none of them have ever wanted to date me...or give me a chance when I expressed my feelings towards them. I always end up "friend-material". :( The truth of the matter is that I really am ugly. I have a huge nose, huge lips and sunken eyes with really thin hair(I'm 23 and I'm balding already). I'm short, about 5'5 and I'm sort of fat. I also suffer from acne, which I've had since I was eight years old. It has to be because I'm ugly because I don't see any other explanation. Sorry for the rant.
  • work out mega and make lots of cash.these are your only options.
  • be confident and super nice. nobody wants an ugly, mean, not confident person for a boyfriend. plus try getting a makeover.
  • Awwwwwwwwww don't say that about yourself trust me you will find someone sooner then you think it just takes time....there is always someone out there for someone you just got to try don't give up its not always about looks trust me girls will soon find you and like you then soon start to love you for who you are and not the way you look soon they will see past all that and when they do they will learn to love you for your out side aswell but prove them wrong show them that you can really be a hot shot after all get a fresh hair cut lose some weight and stop downing your self cause thats a turn off girls don't like that we like a man with confidence loss weight fresh cut nice Elfit and get cleaned up prove them that you really can be a hot shot after all!!! GODBLESS AND GOODLUCK!!! :) Rember you can do anything you put your mind to...
  • You might be ugly (I've never seen you so I don't know), but that doesn't really matter. You have to be confident and not worry about the way you look, don't worry so much about your flaws (whomever you're talking to will not be focusing on them either) and focus on your personality and you will meet someone before you realize what's happening.
  • 1st you stop telling yourself shit like that. don't you know that GOD don't make anything ugly. people make things ugly. bad attitudes, self esteem, etc thats what makes things ugly.
  • funny you asked this... i recently found out this guy in my former high school, who was popular in a negative light for being incredibly nerdy and ugly and disliked.. turned out after high school he ended up with the most popular girl in our high school.. she dated all the jocks and all the attractive men.. she was an athlete, she was prettier than average, and an over-achiever and had a college scholarship for her sport.. and she alone decided to be with this guy who everyone made fun of, who everybody disliked purely because he was ugly and nerdy.. i don't think he ever imagined to be with this girl.. he got his dream come true :) what's cool with this girl was that she didn't care what people thought of her when she decided to date this guy.. that's a quality person right there. so don't bother trying to "remedy" anything.. people should like you for who you are, otherwise people will like you for something you're not and that's hard to keep up with. if you want to work on something.. work on confidence and dress to impress. goodluck!! you'll find someone :)
  • be more confident, switch locations and start over... u'll be fine :) and dress nicer
  • This life sometimes isn't fair. Some people are extremely beautiful and others are not. I don't understand it personally. All you can do is cultivate inner beauty. And really that is what will endure into the future.
  • Looks dont really count.. wht counts is your confidence, the way you carry yourself, the way you present yourself before others, your attitude towards life... be optimistic
  • one answer... get hooked up with a LOT of benjamins. you can not be half as ugly as mick jaggar. a little more seriously, mail order bride... I almost reached that point before I met my wife and to be honest I hear they have a higher success rate than from standard dating (probably because their culture is abusive so they do not have a "princess" complex) this is not an excuse to mistreat them, only means they will be more grateful for what you do for them
  • Stop being so weak. Think, if you were a girl, what would I want out of a potential partner? They don't want to take care of you, they want to look up to you, and take care of you. Lower your standards too. Go find a woman you'd actually look normal in a picture with. You street goes both ways. There's lots of lonely women too.
  • I read your rant about being confident and such, but if you are so busy dwelling on yourself and your looks, that does not show confidence. It is being selfish to believe that your looks are what is keeping you from having a girlfriend. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, click on "How to Articles", then type "How to get a girlfriend" in the search box.
  • You should try to change yourself a little bit and see if you get attention from other girls. I think that looks can be important because if you're not attracted to someone at first, then whats the point? Groom yourself a little bit more, wear nice cologne and guy makeup, if you must (yes, they do exist!. Put gel in your hair. Don't slack off on grooming! I'm not sure what you look like, but maybe you're exagerrating on your look too much? Time waits for nobody. So go out a little more and find that special someone!! Try online dating. (you have to pay for it, though)
  • You've been well informed of the whole *beauty is skin deep* thing so i'll concentrate on the appearance aspect. Quite often the first thing people notice about us, is the clothing we wear, the way we carry ourselves and the reflection of our negative or postive attitude. Taking that into account, i would advise you to enlist the assistance of a few female friends in *revamping* your look. Try different styles of clothing, different ways of wearing them and do not be afraid to really explore the possibilities. Seriously, clothing can make or break a look and when we look good, we feel good. This in turn allows us to feel more confident and that alone, reflects a positive attitude. Your thin hair is only a problem if you make it one. Go to a reputable salon, get a style cut and seek their advice and instruction on using a volumizer, which, when used correctly, will give the appearance of thicker hair. If you still feel unhappy with your hair and cannot achieve a look you like, shave it off. Bald is the new *hot* in many cases and places. Acne can be a real bitch, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist and find out which products or course of treatment they would recommend you use. Do not expect results overnight. Start the treatment and stick to it < unless there are adverse reactions in which case you must stop immediately and seek further advice > Your height really is not an issue .. there are thousands of guys out there who are the same height, who are totally HOT. Take it on and be glad of it, your height is not going to stand in the way of anything. Your weight, <unless you have a genuine health issue>, is likely a result of lack of exercise and less than healthy diet. Think about the food you eat and the effect it will have on you, before you buy it and eat it. I recommend you make a conscientious effort to participate in some form of active daily exercise. It will improve your health, vitality and your appearance. Advice on a suitable exercise programme can often be gained from your doctor or local gym instructor. Your nose is a nose. It might not look great, but unless you want or can afford surgery, you're stuck with it. Forget about it, be grateful it works well and concentrate on working with those things you can easily change.
  • i'm sorry to hear that you're me, you're not alone in your suffering. do not believe all this "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or it's "skin deep" bs. i use to be a good-looking guy until i got my entire body and face is covered in scab-like lesions. i've tried getting dates since then, just to have it thrown back in my face. shit, the last chick i spoke to glanced at me once, made some face of disgust, and walked away. i'm pretty sure that's the reason why my fiance cheated on me too. it's cruel living in america where looks are a no. 1 priority. you're better off dropping bills at your local titty-bar than getting in a relationship. fuck it, there's more important things in life than piece of shit girls anyway.
  • I'm ugly too and I don't care how I look. I've never had a girlfriend and I don't care. I'm happy being ugly.
  • Forget the girlfriend. Improve your self image. --edit-- You might find this helpful:
  • start out by focusing on ONE thing that you are good at, or love about yourself. don't worry about a girlfriend. it follows soon after you build up your self confidence and esteem.
  • i dont know what to tell u man but let me tell u ugly too in my opinion and well i have a girlfriend and i she says she loves me for who i am and i even have a hard time believing it but all the girls ive been with cried when i dumped them because they really cared about me and not the face...everyone has something they dont like about them but in the end is it what you think about yourself or is it about what the other person thinks about you that's important?...ask yourself that...
  • When you raise your self esteem you'll find someone right away.
  • That sucks. I know your pain. I went from being quite attractive to unbearably ugly do to a receding hair line. There is one and only one remedy for us, my friend. Get filthy rich. No matter how "ugly" you are, women will fall all over themselves to get with you (your money) when you are exceedingly wealthy. They will say that they are impressed with how much success you've had. "Success" translates into "money" in the language of women. Most wont outright say it, but that's what they really mean. So, there you go! You are now off and running. Good luck in acquiring a fat wad of cash because that will immediately lead you to getting laid. Cheers!
  • You need a sparkling personality & excellent sense of humour & to be cheerful all the time. Girls love confident & upbeat men. It doesn't hurt if you have a large wad as well.
  • its not about the looks.. its all about the personality
  • Other people might not think your ugly at all i think you have very low self esteem even if your not the best looking man around its not always looks us girls go for try going out and just be yourself and im sure the woman of your dreams may come along.
  • There is someone out there for everyone you just have to keep looking. Oh and stop thinking your ugly if you think you look good others will to its all about confidence my friend.
  • So what is Ugly? Great. get a girl who you think is beautiful and sexy after you have altered your body to what you and thousands of other unhappy people think is beutiful then step back and think, why is this person with me? is it because I look good to everyone else or is it because she loves me and doen't care that I may not be look like all the posters and tv models? Being with a person who sticks around for your heart and soul, not the meat bag thats wrapped around it, is far more beautiful than what you think is beautiful. Don't get desperate and try to get a girl to like you, Relaxe and be yourself, get out there and have fun and before long love will find you.
  • turn gay, gays are desperate and easy

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