• In New York it is around 2.13 pm, whilst in Abu Dhabi (the capital of UAE) it is around 10.13pm, so there is a time difference of 8 hours on the Atlantic coast, 9 hours in the Midwest US and 10 hours on the Pacific coast.
  • Hi, You can find the time differences between different locations around the world at
  • One of the easiest ways to find time zones is right there on your PC: Right-click the clock display in the lower right corner of your 'Adjust Date/Time' the 'Time Zone' the down-arrow to bring up a drop-down list of time zones -- a very nice geography lesson! It lists Baghdad & Kuwait, Riyadh & Tehran as GMT+3, and Abu Dhabi, Muscat as GMT+4. For comparison, London is GMT and US Eastern Standard Time is GMT-5. (GMT = Greenwich Mean Time = Universal Coordinated Time).

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