• he's one of the most important persons in all of christianity. but he's not one of the twelve apostles. personally i disagreed with some of his teachings, BUT he was a powerful writer with an influential voice.
  • He was chosen by Jesus Christ to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles. Many do not understand some of his writings as those today put what he said in today's understandings and words. To understand what he said one must study in the times written and with the meanings of the words then and not now. Sadly we have only his answers to letters written to him we do not know what letters he was answering and the reason for those letters. Paul formed much of the New Testament.
  • 3-21-2017 It is not reliable to let people tell you what the bible says. Many people will make up stuff because they don't know what it says, and many will make up stuff because they wish it would not say what it says. You just have to read it for yourself. Read a chapter of Proverbs every day. Proverbs has 31 chapters so you can keep your place by just looking at a calendar. There is no religion or nothing in Proverbs and you don't have to believe anything. Just read to find wisdom. When you are comfortable with that, then read the bible from Romans to 2 Thessalonians over and over until you start to remember what it says. That is the part that applies to Christians. Here is a book to help you to understand the bible. It's a free download and you can get a hard copy at any bible book store. "How To Enjoy The Bible"
  • He was ann Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin and an apostle of Jesus Christ. (Eph 1:1; Php 3:5) Though perhaps having both the Hebrew name Saul and the Roman name Paul from childhood (Ac 9:17; 2Pe 3:15), this apostle may have chosen to go by his Roman name in view of his commission to declare the good news to the non-Jews (Gentiles)
  • Best Writer of Fan Fiction in the ancient world. He never actually met Jesus, just said he did.

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